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Workflow Upgrade

Following consultation with colleges, work to upgrade Workflow is scheduled for 11th and12th September 2018. During the upgrade Workflow will be taken down and will not be available to colleagues or students. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the upgrade is essential to keep the platform in line with the most stable release of the software and to maintain platform performance and security.

View and test out the new version

If you would like to test the new version of Workflow and feedback to us before the sign off, please visit http://workflow-staging.arts.ac.uk and email any feedback to dlsupport@arts.ac.uk

Time Scales

  • Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 September 2018 – Workflow upgrade*
  • Thursday 13 September 2018 – Workflow will be back online for User Acceptance Testing**
  • Friday 14 September 2018 – Workflow upgrade sign off**

The Digital Learning Support team are currently upgrading the dev environment so that we can analyze any new features or changes to functionality. Digital Learning support will issue guidance about any key differences prior to the end of the Summer term.

*During this time Workflow will be taken down and will not be available to colleagues or students.

**Although Workflow will be available to use on these days, it is still ‘at risk’. We advise that colleagues and students do not make any critical edits to Workflow sites during this ‘at risk’ period as any changes are likely to be lost should problems arise requiring us to roll back to the current version of the software. We will put up a message in Workflow during the ‘at risk’ period to warn users of this.


NO Moodle UPGRADES scheduled for this summer

As you might have already read in one of our previous posts, Moodle hosting is planned to move in-house this July. There will be a necessary downtime in order for the full transition to be completed, but please note that there is no Moodle upgrade scheduled for this summer. Once the hosting transition is complete Moodle will continue to look and work the same way as before.

For more details regarding the move of Moodle hosting and the downtime dates, please read our previous post – Moving Moodle Hosting to UAL.

Moving Moodle hosting to UAL – key dates

For more detail about Moodle hosting please read the longer version – Moving Moodle Hosting to UAL

When we first moved to Moodle from Blackboard back in 2012 there was insufficient capacity, resource and expertise within UAL to host a platform as complex and heavily used as Moodle.  Since then, however, IT has acquired state-of-the-art hosting facilities in Slough, and re-organisation of the Digital Learning Team has helped build strong and collaborative working relationships with IT Services, placing expertise and resource where most appropriate to manage and maintain a robust and reliable service.

These developments have enabled us to review our hosting options, and over the past couple of months IT Services have been designing and building a prototype environment that has allowed us to assess the feasibility of hosting Moodle in-house. The testing and assessment of the prototype was highly successful and the decision has been taken to transfer Moodle hosting from our current provider to being managed and supported by UAL’s IT Services teams.

Expected Downtime

  • Tuesday July 3rd – Hosting switched to UAL. Moodle out of Service. 
  • Wednesday 4th July – Digital learning Team Testing. Moodle out of Service 
  • *Thursday 5th July – UAL Final User Acceptance Testing
  • *Friday 6th July – Final proceed / roll-back decision.  
  • Monday 9th July – Moodle back in service 2018_19 course sites available for rollover
    * Moodle will be available, but users should note that if any critical issues arise during UAT and the decision is made to Roll back and not change our hosting arrangements  all changes made in Moodle during these dates will be lost and not recoverable.

Moodle Upgrade – 3rd July

Moodle will be undergoing its annual upgrade on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th July. Please put this date in your diary. We will be upgrading to V3.4.

We are working hard with our supplier to minimise the downtime required but Moodle will need to be taken offline for the work to be carried out and for the new release to be fully tested prior to being released back for use.

I will post up further details about new features, or changes to the existing interface and a more detailed schedule nearer the time.