Moodle Upgrade – The new Dashboard

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Moodle at UAL will be upgraded this July and will bring with it several new features and a new look and feel. One significant change is the new Dashboard. This replaces the ‘My Courses’ page The Dashboard presents information that is unique to each user and provides improved ways of listing and navigating between Moodle sites. Below is a brief overview summarizing the main features of the Dashboard or you may prefer to watch or listen to this video.

(Please note: You need to be logged into your UAL MS Office 365 to view.)

Recently Accessed Courses 

This block, located at the top of the Dashboard, displays the sites that you have accessed most recently.

Course Overview 

Located beneath Recently Accessed Courses is a list of all your sites, presented in the familiar heirachy. In the new version of Moodle you can change how your sites are displayed and have several options to choose from, including a more visual ‘Card view‘.

Moodle assigns a default patterned image for each ‘Site Card’ on the Dashboard. This image is also used as a banner image on your Moodle site. You can replace this default image with one that is more representative of your course providing students with a nice visual link between the dashboard and their course site.

Some users have a lot of sites listed on their dashboard. To help you find and locate important sites, or ones you frequent often, you can mark them with a star, hide sites, or filter sites by different criteria.

The Navagation (Nav) Drawer 

The Nav Drawer is the menu that occupies the left hand side of the screen. It can be opened and closed by clicking on the ‘burger’ icon at the top-left. The Nav drawer contains navigation links that vary depending on your location in Moodle, and provides a convenient way to hop between and within your Moodle sites.  

Timeline and Recently Accessed Files 

The Timeline block can be really helpful to students as it will show any forthcoming activities or deadlines.

The Recently Accessed files provides a history of resources you have recently opened making it easier for you to find them again. Clicking on any items listed in these block will take you directly to the associated Moodle site.

Editing your Moodle site

To edit the content or settings within your Moodle site, select the Gear menu near the top-right.

These are just some of the key changes to Moodle that will arive after the imminent upgrade. In the future, further features may be added as part of our planned maintenance and upgrade schedule. 

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