Moodle Upgrade – What you need to know

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We will soon be starting the work to upgrade Moodle. This work is part of our regular planned maintenance work essential for maintaining the stability and security of the platform.  

This upgrade also brings a host of new features for Moodle users. We have collaborated extensively with key contacts in the colleges to consider how best to implement these to enhance the experience for our students and staff. Over the coming weeks, we will be providing more information about these improvements via Canvas, the Big Picture and updates on the Digital Learning News blog. 

Click on the image below to watch a brief trailer about some of the new features
(You need to be logged into MS Office 365 to view)

The main highlights include: 

  • An enhanced dashboard with options to display your sites as the current hierarchy view, or in a more visual ‘card’ layout 
  • The ability to filter, or star sites to help prioritise the time you spend in Moodle 
  • Simplified navigation within and between sites 
  • Improved aesthetic of a Moodle site via a custom site header image
  • New ways to alert students to important dates and events and tasks.  

Furthermore, we have improved the accessibility of Moodle. Not only will this improve how Moodle works on mobile devices, it also means we are compliant with the new accessibility legislation.  

To carry out the upgrade we will need to take Moodle out of service. We understand the inconvenience this causes and will strive to keep the disruption to a minimum. Please take note of the following key dates

  • Monday 15th July – approx 5.00 pm: Moodle taken out of service. 
  • Tuesday 16th July – Upgrade work commences. Moodle out of service 
  • Wednesday 17th July  approx mid-day – Testing by DL team. Moodle will be available but *at risk*. We advise that Moodle is only used as Read Only. 
  • Thursday 18th July – Monitoring and Testing – Moodle will be available but *at risk*. We advise that Moodle is only used as Read Only
  • Friday 19th July – Moodle fully available and back in service 

*At risk* – The DL Team carry out testing and monitor the success of the upgrade on the live environment. If critical issues arise during this time that we are unable to resolve, we reserve the right to revert the upgrade to the current version of Moodle. Any changes made to Moodle sites during the *at risk period* will be lost. For this reason, we strongly advise that users do not make any significant changes to their course sites during this time. 

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