Preparing Courses for the next Academic Year

The 18/19 course sites are expected to be available in Moodle from July 12th ready for you to prepare for the next academic year.  Below you can find useful information that will help you copy content across from your existing course area to your 18/19 site. Please do take note of the activities (listed at the end of this post) which must not be copied between course sites.

  • New Courses Created
    New ‘EMPTY’ 18/19 courses will be automatically created in Moodle.
  • Students Enrolment
    Students will be automatically enrolled onto their 18/19 Programme, Course, Year Course and units based on the information held in SITS.
    Students will see their 18/19 courses in Moodle as soon as they enrol in August/ September
  • Staff Enrolment/Removal
    We will enrol staff onto the 18/19 courses in Moodle based on current staff enrolments on 17/18 courses.
    If you would like to be unenrolled please email with a list of courses.
  • Previous Course Access
    16/17 and 17/18 courses in Moodle will remain active and available to all staff and students enrolled on them
    15/16 courses will be switched off.

To copy content from your 17/18 site to your 18/19 site…

  • Copy 17/18 Course ID
  • Import 17/18 course content into 18/19 course.


  • Turnitin
  • Bb Collaborate
  • News Forum
  • Moodle Assignments
  • Database
  • Glossary


  • Hide/Show Topic Sections
  • Check hyperlinks
  • Add/Remove Staff
  • Check course structure is correct

For a more in depth information please visit: Preparing Courses for the New Academic Year site on Moodle. If you do not have access to this site and you are responsible for adding content to your course site please email .

Please note that there is a scheduled downtime in July for Moodle, necessary to complete the transition to the UAL hosting.  Moodle will be available, but users should note that if any critical issues arise during UAT and the decision is made to roll back and not change our hosting arrangements  all changes made in Moodle during these dates will be lost and not recoverable. More information on our previous blog post Moving Moodle Hosting to UAL.

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